William T. Donovan, PhD
Counseling (NY) and Life Coaching (DE)

Sayville NY (631) 325-1030 and Wilmington DE (302) 200-6967

You can find help for life’s questions…
  •  How will I feel better about myself?
  • How can I handle loss?
  • When will I feel happy again?
  • Can I make my relationship better?
  • Why am I so stressed?
  • How do I handle my bad memories and flashbacks?
  • What do I believe in?
  • Why do I hurt inside? 

Dr. Donovan is Here to Help

You reach a moment in life when the way becomes unclear. It may be as gradual as a growing insecurity or as sudden as a rug being pulled out from under you. Any number of things can trigger it—loss of a job, a relationship falling apart, the death of a loved one, impending retirement, a personal conflict, an addiction. Sometimes the world seems unmanageable, as if the loads you have to carry are crushing you down. Or maybe you’re tired of trying to clear things up all alone. That’s when it’s really time to seek assistance.

Life does not have to be painful, confusing or unproductive forever. There can be peace of mind, with the right kind of professional help. When you work things through, a crisis can become an opportunity to rethink and reshape your life.

Not only can you get back on track, but you may find a whole new track that brings out your real self. Good guidancecan help you not only to put together the pieces of your life, but also to reshape your life into a new, happier pattern.

 I want to help you or your loved ones to become all that you can be. You do not have to face life’s difficulties alone. There is compassionate, professional care available to you.